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Liquid Radiance Colours

Liquid Radiance Colours
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You wish there was a product that was Australian made, economical, environmentally friendly, non toxic,  colourfast, no accurate measuring or fussy fixing, suitable for cotton, poly cotton, silk, wool, any fibre!...May I introduce to you
Liquid Radiance COLOURS!
a new concept in fabric colouring ... design your own fabrics ...make your quilts truly unique...

  • NINE PURE PIGMENT COLOURS from which you can mix absolutely any colour of the rainbow.
  • VERY CONCENTRATED COLOURS ... must be diluted with water ... 50:50 for super strong colour ... 1 part concentrate to 4 parts water for bright, vibrant colour ... lots of water for pastel shades!
  •  NON-TOXIC AND NON-POLLUTING, these colours are safe, and simple to use.  They wash off skin easily, and leave no residual stains. They do not require any rinsing and therefore no water waste.
  • Beautiful fabrics can be created using classic techniques of tie dyeing, shabori, silk painting, salt techniques as well as scrunching, twisting, folding...even with very little know how you can create wonderful fabrics. 
  • Coloured fabrics can be dried out doors for stronger tones, dried on an angle to give colour gradation or even used to create heliography (sun printing).

You just gotta get some and play!

Liquid Radiance Colouring Pack ... Yes this pack is 'ready to go' ... dilute the concentrates with water into the applicator bottles and start colouring straight away ...

Pack contains:

  •  All 9 Liquid Radiance colour concentrates (9 x $12)
  • 10 applicator bottles with screw top dispenser caps to mix your diluted colours ready for action. ($30)
  •  2 page "How to use these Fabulous Colours" 101 -  FREE

TOTAL PACK $135 - 

Liquid Radiance 9 colour set includes -

Dark blue
Sky Blue
Jade green
Magenta pink
Bright red
Canary Yellow
Cadbury purple

Individual colour replacements $12 each  - email me on [email protected]

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