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FriXion pen

FriXion pen
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Introducing my latest BEST FRIEND!!!

FriXion pens by Pilot!!!!!

They are an ink ball point pen that writes and draws on paper  and can re removed without damaging the paper with the hard rubber (not eraser) on the end of the pen. They were originally designed for Sudoko fans and crossword addicts I guess. The ink is removed by friction; the heat the rubbing action produces. But guess what??? Heat also comes from an iron so you draw your design right onto the fabric, write notes on there of colour, of sticthing plans, of where applique fits etc and if you don't like it and wanna change your just iron!!! I can paint over the lines and iron them out later!!! It is Bloody brilliant. The pens come in 10 colours which are all dark colours so they do not show up on dark fabric but anything from medium to white they work draw back...the line you have drawn will reappear if exposed to minus 20 the freezer! Oh dear...not a problem.

The pens are not acid free so if that has any long time affects I don't know. We have oils and acids on our hands as we sew so....

I am happy...they are a great tool for drawing and enlarging your designs onto fabric for painting, or applique and absoloutely brilliant for planning your quilting lines and designs...... LOVE THEM.

I have the FriXion pen $5 each. As you can see from the pic they even have a cool quilting swirly design on the body of the pen. They come in 10 colours but there is no difference in how they work...they all work on medium to white fabric.... so at this stage you get pot luck on colour when ordering. Usually its black or blue or purple!

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